1) University of Arizona | Scholarship for Fall 2020
Friday, Dec 27, 2019

3.25 (or higher) unweighted, core GPA awards: 

Regardless of test score (or no test score), international students with a 3.25 (or higher) unweighted GPA in core courses can receive an award of $4,000-$10,000. Students with modest or no scores and a 3.25 (or higher) GPA in core courses receive this scholarship. Higher test scores will increase the merit award and the higher award prevails.


  1. Must verify your lawful presence as described under Arizona's Proposition 300. Semesters without lawful presence verified will be lost and counted against the scholarship's total eight semesters.
  2. Awards are for undergraduate studies only.
  3. Meet the criteria from the charts above. Please note: GPA calculation occurs during the admissions evaluation process. GPA calculations consider core coursework including math, science, native language, second language, social science, and fine arts.
  4. In addition to the criteria above, submit a complete application and all required documents for admission by May 1. 
  5. We recommend that Scholarship Recipients pay their $425 enrollment fee as soon as possible to secure their enrollment for the fall term. 
  6. Non-degree seeking and exchange students are not eligible for the Global Wildcat Award.

Award Amounts and Coverage

  • $2,000 - $35,000; amounts for continuing students will remain the same as the initial offer. 
  • Scholarships are renewable for 4 years (8 consecutive semesters) for freshmen.



2) Montana State University Scholarships
Saturday, Dec 21, 2019

MSUB offers various scholarships to international students to lessen down their financial burden of studying abroad.


MSUB City College Scholarships: Associate degree



Award Amount








MSUB : Bachelor Programs



Award Amount








Yellowstone Scholarship:-


The Yellowstone Scholarship is a $1,000.00 (per semester) scholarship awarded to the eligible international students. The eligibility is based on GPA score - 2.5 GPA (undergraduate) 3.0 (graduate)


Global Leadership Scholarship:-


The Global Leadership Scholarship is awarded to two MSUB international students per year who promote the internationalization of MSUB on campus and in the community.



3) Oregon State University Scholarships
Monday, Jun 25, 2018

OSU is delighted to announce the Undergraduate regional awards in India for all four years of an undergraduate degree.

The regional award is for $8,000 per year to a total of $32,000 over the four years of the undergraduate degree. Students who meet the entry requirements and who confirm their place for the 2020/21 academic year, for all available start terms, will qualify for these special anniversary awards. Awards are subject to availability. Award recipients will serve as OSU student ambassadors. Students need to maintain good academic standing (2.0 GPA) to receive the award each year

4) Park University Scholarships
Saturday, Jan 21, 2017

We are excited to announce our new international student scholarships available for new undergraduate and graduate students.


Premier Award:-

Criteria: Admitted freshmen with GPA 3.5 or higher with SAT of 1200 or higher with scholarship essay
Award Amount: 75% tuition discount for up to 8 courses per year

Elite Award:-

Criteria: Admitted freshmen or transfer with a GPA 3.0 or higher and scholarship essay. SAT is not required but considered.
Award Amount: 50% tuition discount for up to 8 courses per year

International Graduate Award:-

Criteria: Admitted graduate student with undergraduate GPA 3.5 or higher, GRE or GMAT is not required but will be considered with scholarship essay
Award Amount: 50% tuition discount for up to 4 courses per year

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