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At AWI we are friendly, approachable and supportive, preparing our students for the challenges of today's busy world and in a New Zealand educational environment which is conductive to learning and our students. The dynamic team we have here together with the diverse range of cultures makes AWI an enjoyable and exciting place to study! Students come from many different countries and enjoy the multi-cultural dimensions and learning that each student brings. AWI International Education Group is a prestigious private institution in Auckland with over 15 years experience in the educational field. AWI is a registered and approved Tertiary organization by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority(NZQA). The NZQA conducted an evaluation and review of our school and found AWI to be ‘Confident in Educational Performance’ and ‘Confident in Self-Assessment’ – Category 2. All programmes offered by AWI are NZQA approved. We are also an approved Signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. We currently offer Programmes in English, Business, Computing and Information Technology Technical Support at various levels up to undergraduate level. Students have access to free internet throughout the campus. There are a number of student study areas as well as a student common area, student ‘quiet’ space and student cafeteria for our students outside of their classroom. We have a dedicated Pastoral Care Team who are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist and help students settle in to school life in New Zealand (Aotearoa). AWI realises the challenges and difficulties our students can face as international students and our team work closely with them setting up peer and buddy support systems. The team also encourage our students to utilise our wifi and contact their families as often as they can.

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