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Montana State University (MSU) is a public university located in Bozeman, Montana, United States. It is the state's land-grant university and primary campus in the Montana State University System, which is part of the Montana University System. MSU offers baccalaureate degrees in 51 fields, master's degrees in 41 fields, and doctoral degrees in 18 fields through its nine colleges. Almost 15,700 students attend MSU,[5] and the university faculty numbers, including department heads, are 743 full-time and 411 part-time.[3] The university's main campus in Bozeman is home to KUSM television, KGLT radio, and the Museum of the Rockies. MSU provides outreach services to citizens and communities state-wide through its eight Agricultural Experiment Stations and 60 county and reservation Extension Offices.

FAQ : 

1)     Most Popular Programs for Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctored and Certificate.

Total International Enrollment by College:

Enginerring and Business

Most popular majors for undergraduates:

Enginerring and Business

Most popular majors for graduates: anything in engineering or science. Physics, statistics, and microbiology in particular. Also, ecology and plant science.

Individual programs with more than ten international students: 

 Mechnical, Chemical & Civil 

Do you offer Summer Programs

Students can come in the summer to take a course. We do offer some summer online courses. We run some short-term training programs in the summer for groups as well. Our intensive English program runs throughout the summer.


Tuition Fees.

Undergraduate tuition: $23,090 for the year
Graduate tuition: $18,424.90 per year


Scholarship Eligibility 

Undergraduate students are automatically considered for scholarships from the Office of International Programs when they submit their applications. We offer merit-based awards for GPA as well as SAT/ACT scores (however these examinations are not required for admission). Please find our undergraduate scholarship flyers attached to this email. Our Honors College offers a full-ride scholarship called the Presidential Scholarship
Graduate students can be considered for teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Professors look through the graduate applications and decide if they’d like any applicants to work with them directly. These often are awarded to the top applicants and usually come with a full tuition waiver as well as a monthly stipend.


WES or NACES member Evaluation report requirement 

We do not require students to send their transcripts out for evaluation. Our team is trained to do credential evaluation, and we provide this as a service to our applicants free of charge. However, we do reserve the right to ask students to utilize WES, ECE, or a similar credential evaluation company should we need additional assistance. This is rare.


Application Fee Waiver for Partners

The Montana Board of Regents, the body that mandates higher education in the state of Montana, does not allow any institution to waive application fees. For undergraduates, the online application fee is $38 and the paper application fee is $30. For graduates, the application fee is $60.


IELTS/ TOEFL requirement

For undergraduates: TOEFL 71, IELTS 6.0, iTEP 3.7, PTE Academic 48. We do also offer conditional admissions for students who do not meet our language requirement. Prior to enrolling in our academic program, they would attend our intensive English program on campus.

For graduates: TOEFL 80, IELTS 6.5, PTE Academic 54. Please note that some departments do have higher language requirements than others. Feel free to send me an email prior to sending us any graduate applicants to confirm the department’s specific requirements – I’ll be glad to provide them in advance.

For more information on our language requirements: http://www.montana.edu/international/admissions/englishproficiency.html


GRE/GMAT/SAT requirement

We do not require the SAT for undergraduates. It is optional for scholarship consideration.

Most of our graduate programs require the GRE and prefer to see combined scores above 300. Again, please note that each department has its own admissions requirements. Some departments look at the individual section scores within the GRE while others just want to see the combined score. Should you have someone want to apply to graduate school at MSU, feel free to send me an email letting me know which department and I can compile the specific requirements.


ESL Programs offered in house

We do offer an intensive English program on our campus. Students can be conditionally admitted to attend this. English learners are still able to live in our residence halls, dine on campus, use our gymnasium and student services buildings, etc. Once they complete the highest level (which is level 6) or provide us a score that meets our requirements, they can begin their academic program at MSU.

For more information: http://www.montana.edu/international/admissions/language_instruction.html 

Start date of each programs 

Application deadlines:

Fall term: July 1
Spring term: November 15

Summer term: March 15

The start dates vary each year but students beginning in the spring term need to be here the first week of January. Students beginning in the fall term need to arrive mid-August for orientation. We will provide updates as the dates are selected.

Designated Learning Institution Number:

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