You'll surely locate an instructor here where you truly feel comfortable with. Your instructor accountable for this will cover each facet of the exercise. All the instructors and staff are very useful and they be sure you get all you need. It's the reason behind many foreign students and hour-builders decide to come to Southern California. Some colleges provide interviews, many don't. To start with, ask yourself if you truly need to attend the college.

The city is home to a number of the major employers on earth, and its diversified economy has been in a position to bring it through the financial downturn, which withered many different cities. It is among the fastest growing cities on the planet, with highest literary rate in Mexico. It's an important business city and, has been a favorite tourist destination for at least 100 decades. It's the capital and the biggest city in Mexico. This city boasts itself as the largest wholesale market on earth, and it's been experiencing sustained financial development and growth, contrary to other cities that were hit by the financial downturn. It is among the most populous cities in Mexico, obtaining an international city status. It's a leading industrial city in Mexico.



The core purpose and values of SDFTI have remained unchanged since launching in 1989. These words live in every briefing room, flight deck, instructor and members of the support staff. We are more than a business ... we are part of the history and future of aviation. Producing safe professional pilots is our contribution. San Diego Flight Training International conducts all flight operations from Montgomery Field (MYF). The primary offices are located at 8745 Aero Dr. San Diego. This institute has been training pilots in the San Diego area for over 20 years. The campus is situated directly across Aero Drive from Montgomery Field Municipal Airport in Southern California where our flight line of 17 aircraft and maintenance hangers are located. Montgomery Field is a tower-controlled high traffic volume airport central to a very complex airspace that will prepare you for any airports and conditions you will find in your career. The climate, topography and complex airspace create a spectacular training environment; one with an ideal mix of weather for the best experience possible. This allows for much more comfortable training than is available in Arizona and Florida. The campus is centrally located in San Diego in close proximity to reasonably-priced apartments, stores and restaurants

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