You'll have developed a high degree of self-defense, assisting you to become an outstanding student both in class and outside of class, all while permitting you to take care of day to day circumstances. Every one of these classes will help you in lots of ways. The school provides federal loans and institutional scholarships to aid with tuition expenses. Some students select a major as it offers practical training which is going to be valuable at work. Should you ever ought to take an extra semester of classes to complete you degree you shouldn't need to pay for a complete academic year.

Besides an excellent salary, many medical education programs consist of excellent employment benefits, together with payment plans. Preschool program offers opportunities to come up with early literacy skills, science and math abilities and all the readiness abilities necessary to enter kindergarten. Apart from a very good salary, many job training programs incorporate excellent positive aspects, along with tuition payment help. Nurse training sometimes takes a while to finish, dependent on your capacity to learn, and whether you're ready to attend nursing school full-time. Kickboxing in Beacon is a wonderful way in receiving an overall body workout whilst learning simple self-defense moves, in addition to gaining a large amount of self-confidence.



CURRICULUM: Comprehensive, with 45 undergraduate majors and 16 minors in both liberal arts and professional fields. One graduate program, an M.S. in Accounting, is currently available. DEGREES: Undergraduate: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Professional Studies. Graduate: Master of Science in Accounting, Master of Science in Taxation. ACCREDITATION: Middle States Commission on Higher Education, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (School of Education), American Chemical Society (B.S. in Chemistry). STUDENT LIFE: Active and diverse with more than 50 student organizations, including a student-run newspaper, fraternities, sororities, academic organizations, and community service groups. ATHLETICS: 10 Division III intercollegiate teams compete in the Skyline and East Coast Athletic Conferences. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: 60% of students receive either need-based aid or merit-based scholarships. FAFSA, an Institutional Financial Aid application, and a Signed Student Aid Record are required to apply for aid. ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS: Selective. Applications considered on a rolling basis. Approximately 43 percent of Freshman applications are accepted. Transfer students earning more than 24 credit hours of college work will be evaluated based on that work.

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