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OUR VALUES Integrity: We act in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards personally, professionally, and academically. We commit ourselves to honesty, sincerity, accountability, and truth, and continuously strive to earn the trust placed in us by students and colleagues. Creativity: We discover and develop new ideas, programs, and processes that are both innovative and imaginative. We create unique formats for lifelong learning that meet the evolving needs of our students. Collaboration: We build close, cooperative working relationships within and among individual departments, with our campus partners, and with the local and global communities we serve. Service: We help students, instructors, and staff define and attain their personal, professional, and academic goals. We provide exceptional access and support for those we serve as well as for one another. Excellence: We demonstrate a high degree of proficiency, knowledge, commitment, and expertise in all that we do. Community: We create and nurture a close-knit organizational culture - within Extension itself, and between Extension and the rest of UCLA - that is diverse, inclusive, welcoming, connected to the communities we serve and marked by both a sense of purpose and a sense of joy.

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