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The Value of The Idea Northwood graduates emerge prepared to shape their world. We believe and teach that… Competitive, productive effort can overcome obstacles, solve problems and achieve goals Human beings can make a difference in the world in which they live Political and economic freedom are of paramount importance in releasing creativity and productivity Sacrifice – savings – is a necessary prerequisite to progress Equality of opportunity based on contribution and inequality of reward using the same criteria are not only appropriate, but the necessary conditions, in a system not forced into conformity with some master plan It is the differences among us that make us interesting and useful to each other We need the freedom to fail We must be free to bear the positive and negative consequences of our actions In a competitive system, all who participate benefit from it As a society we cannot gain from the establishment of legal monopolies except in a very few and constrained circumstances An understanding and appreciation of the arts and humanities is a primary source of human enrichment in the lives of productive human beings Education is never something that one person can do to another. It is, rather, something two people do together

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