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According to an educations.com survey of 893 prospective Indian students, many Indian students dream about studying abroad, but have important concerns. For example, many are worried about things like tuition fees, visa requirements, grade conversion, and school rankings. Despite the challenges and confusion that surround studying abroad, however, Indian students are extremely ambitious. The survey found that 45% of students knew they wanted to study abroad ever since there were children! Their biggest concern, however, is finding the right program! Fifty-two percent of Indian students are unsure where to study. We at Study Metro understand there are so many choices out there, it can be difficult to sort through. Our aim is to make the experience of applying to programs abroad as simple as possible, so that any student that wants to has the ability to. As a professional education consulting firm, we have the tools to help you get a visa, ace the visa interview, and make your dream possible! See below for even more statistics about Indian students interested in studying abroad!


















Prospective Indian Students: How do they decide where to study abroad? Infographic by educations.com Prospective Indian Students: How Do They Decide Where to Study Abroad? by educations.com

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